09 July 2011

2 chopsticks up!

I realize that  where I live in th country outskirts of Atlanta isn't the most happening place and it's actually far from a lot of stores and restaurants others may take for granted - and I love and miss.  One example is P.F. Chang's. Now, I don't want you to start making incorrect assumptions - if I did live reasonably close to a P.F. Chang's I would not be eating there with any kind of regularity because we're cheap and I don't remember seeing any coupons to eat there. 

What I'm saying is when you're pulled out of civilization and all you have is a Wal-Mart and you have a hankering for some good - but cheap - chinese cuisine.  You're saved.  Wal-mart sells P.F. Chang's Home Menu frozen dinners for 2!

How perfect.  And how delicious.

These have become our go to for a 'reward' dinner. We usually have at least 4 in our freezer.  They are so easy (non-stick skillet and lid and 12-15 minutes) and we like the flavor.

Now, as far as telling you if they taste like what you get at P.F. Chang's actual restaurant I don't know.  Send me a gift card and then I can tell you. :)  Remember.  I don't live in civilization.

This is the Shangi Beef and I love the greenbeans!  This one must've been Bryce's plate because it has a few less greenbeans - I hog some of them when I dish out...shhh don't tell him I'm sure he'd be really upset about missing out on greenbeans. :)

 I haven't looked at the health information on the bag - and I don't plan to anytime soon.  So just get your own bag and after you eat it decide if you want to ruin a good thing by reading what's printed in that white box on the side of said bag.

"So go ahead and let P.F. Chang's Home Menu conquer your craving for distinctly bold Asian cuisine at home."


Matt said...

I've wondered how those tasted compared to the real thing at the restaurant. We really like PF Chang's too, but haven't been for many months. Let's do it next time you're both out!

Jenifer said...

Looks so tasty! Is 10pm too late to cook some up?