29 July 2011

20 bucks

What can you get for $20?

Bryce figures I should be able to find a hair spray that doesn't stink. :)  He gave me a hug on Sunday then promptly cleared his nose.  and I quote, "I don't care if it costs twenty dollars - buy a new hairspray that doesn't stink!"

Any ideas or suggestions?  I'll probably go spend a few minutes in the hairspray aisle getting high 'til I find one that 'doesn't stink.'


Matt said...

That's awesome! Bryce really wants you to have the best. : )

Molly Druen said...

I don't know how much it costs but I love the way Victorias Secret hairspray smells.

Jenifer said...

What does he think stinks? I like the way Paul Mitchell smells.