24 July 2011

Sunday Inspiration

Last night I watched a Design Star episode on Hulu and they were designing apartments based on current fashion.  Oddly enough, this morning after putting my outfit together, I knew what I needed to do in my front room and dinning room to spice things up.

I loved the stripes under the cardigan and then I added the 2nd print and was in heaven. ;)

 I owe it all to these shoes.

So the translation into interior decorating:
Bright color + 1-color print + multi-color print = MAGIC
Currently I have green Venetian plaster and green faux finish in the two rooms.  The dinning room is basically all black/brown and green.  Do you understand the need for more color and pattern?  We eventually will get new chairs (we've been saying that for 2 years now), but for now I want to upholster them with a bright pattern and give the chairs a new coat of high-gloss paint.  Then using the same pattern I want to add pillows to the couch and chairs in the front room.  It does have an orange chair and gray/blue curtains and I love the yellow striped pillow - so I'll add one more multi color print  to spice things up a bit.

This is what I'm working with:

I'm thinking Kate Spade meets Pottery Barn:

I love big bold stripes and bright colors!

Lady like - but still fun floral??

So I obviously don't know what kind of multi print I'm going to put with my yellow stripes, but maybe you get the gist of what I'm saying.  I think it time to add some party to these rooms. :)

So if you see any fun patterned fabric send me a link or name.


Jenifer said...

What a great inspiration! I love the outfit and I LOVE your shoes. If I happen upon something fun I'll send it along.

ashley said...

so you're upholstering the dining room chairs right? are you thinking about changing the curtains? or is the upholstering going to be all the added color you need? even something as simple as getting a bright centerpiece (whether it's floral or not) for your table could add that lil bit to that room...and fyi, you're an awesome decorator! i'll have you do my house when i get one!