31 May 2010

Motor Mount, Motor Mount - goes so FAST!

This is Bryce's newest "improvement" to his Speed3.  This is a motor mount.  This one is specifically designed to be stiffer so the engine doesn't move as much in the engine bay at full throttle - during acceleration. Basically it makes the engine hold still so he can shift smoother. :)

This is the stock motor mount.

This a comparison between the old one (left) and the new one (right).  Bryce would like you to take notice of the gaps on the old one and how solid the new one is.  You can push the old one in with your hands and the new one is noticeably stiffer.
Beauty shot!  The new motor mount is in place and ready for a test drive.

We never posted pictures of the previous additions to his car so here they are!

New bypass valve, K&N air filter, short ram intake and goes down to the turbo inlet pipe (not pictured).

Vent pod boost gauge inside the cock pit.


Matt said...

How much max boost does the gauge show? 12 psi or so? That motor mount looks way sturdier than the factory one.

Bryce and Cecily said...

The gauge goes up to 30 but it's running about 16. From the factory it runs at 14.5 psi.

Jenifer said...

Cool gage and motor mounts. New toys are always fun. :)