31 May 2010

In Memory

pictures from "Today" Women in Uniform (click for link)

Memorial Day is a time to reflect and honor those men and women who served in wars past to gain freedom and give equality.  It's also time to thank the men and women who serve today to protect the freedoms of our country.

My own grandpa was a Seabee in the Pacific Islands.  I know one thing he did was underwater welding in one of these:


"During the Second World War, the Seabees performed now legendary deeds in both the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters of Operation...Seabees in the Pacific Theater of Operations earned the gratitude of all Allied fighting men who served with them or followed in their wake. Their deeds were unparalleled in the history of wartime construction. With eighty percent of the Naval Construction Force concentrated on the three Pacific roads, they literally built and fought their way to victory.
"In construction and fighting operations, the Pacific Seabees suffered more than 200 combat deaths and earned more than 2,000 Purple Hearts. They served on four continents and on more than 300 islands."
(Info pulled from the Department of the Navy -- Naval Historical Center )

I bet Arlington Cemetary would be really cool on a holiday like this.


Alyssa said...

nice tribute...I especially enjoyed the parts about the seabees.

Jenifer said...

It's amazing the Seabees could do anything in that welding gear. They really did amazing things. Great post!