20 May 2010

How to get to Cleveland, GA

Since the parentals live in the mountains of northern Georgia we on occasion have driven up there and have figured out a pretty good set of directions. We decided on the last trip up there (winter of 2009) that we should take pictures and document the trip.  Things that we have become accustomed to may be entertaining to those who don't see the wonderful sights.  (Or you may wish I never made this post which coincidentally made you waste time reading it.  If this is your feeling, I sincerely apologize.)

This is how you know you're getting close:

Pass the giant rocking chair sitting right by the road in an open field on a country backroad. (this has to be listed somewhere on the list of the largest in the US right - even if it's not #1?!)

As you drive into 'downtown' or the 10 square feet of Cleveland's square you'll see the Dairy Queen which usually has birthday wishes up for someone (who probably bought one of their ice cream cakes).  I guess this time it's Jesus' turn.

Another few feet down the road you'll see the Babyland billboard - where the cabbage patch babies are birthed.  Yes, there's a birthing room there.  You have to look closely at the picture but the stork is there. Babyland just recently moved to a bigger and better place - still in Cleveland.

See the courthouse right in the middle of the road.  Drive around it.

And then on the other side of the square you'll see this beauty-Bryce loves to quote it to me or very nicely tell me some reason why he does or doesn't buy me flowers....

And last of all you know you're close when you see on your right Yonah Bowl and Skate.  Bryce and I find it quite humorous and this is where are country bumpkin accents kick in (if they haven't already) and we like to see how 'hick' we can get in our speech and conversation for the next 5-10 minutes until we arrive.  "Yonah bowl?"  Yonah is pronounced Yo-nah, like Jonah but with a Y startin' it off.  We were not educated about it the first time we saw and thought it was yawna like a southern "you wanna" but it still works either way you pronounce it.  Besides, no one really pronounces anything correctly around here anyhoo.  Salmon with the 'l' pronounced is most definitely accepted and widely used.

So what Yonah do now?


Matt said...

Wow. It's like a whole 'nother country down there. The chair pic is fun!

Alyssa said...

Very interesting...congratulations to Babyland-LOL!!!
I love seeing those simple things that are completely foreign to me. Great idea to document them:)

Jenifer said...

I think those directions would be perfectly clear. :) Cleveland needs to buy or obtain the building in High Point, NC that is shaped like an enormous dresser. It even has a sock coming out of one of it drawers. It would fit right in a long side the chair or maybe near the new Babyland. And yes, Iahona bowl. :)

Jimmie Gose said...

I see these every time we travel to my parents in the mountains. Thanks for making me homesick.lol