31 May 2010

2 yr. Pictures

Memorial Day is how we gauge Jamba's birthday, because it was on Memorial Day 2008 that we "rescued" Jamba and brought her home.  To see her "baby" photos click here!  Here are her 2 year pictures:

The cutest ever!

Blue Steel

High Fashion

Jamba was pooped from the photo shoot.
The light's weird but I like the picture - she was trying to bat at the camera strap.

And a movie for your entertainment: click here! Jamba hates dents in the carpet and she attacks them to smooth them out whenever we move a chair or the coffee table.  I was washing the sheets and chaning the mattress cover when she discovered some dents she couldn't smooth out.  She spent a good 10-20 minutes trying though.  This is the first time I noticed her doing it and grabbed my camera.

At the ripe age of 2 Jamba has become more cuddly and less of a menace.  She still enjoys fetch, tag, and her version of hide and go seek (more like I see you hiding around the corner and I will hunt you down and attack!).  She loves bottle caps and small round items like skittles that slide around easily to chase.  She loves being outside: rolling on the concrete and biting the grass, chasing insects and jumping at low flying birds.  When she can't be otuside she sits in front of windows and just stares for long periods of time.


Matt said...

What an awesome cat. Bring her out for a visit!

Alyssa said...

cute cat! i like the white fluff under the neck looks like fun to pet!

Jenifer said...

What a cat! We need to meet Jamba one of these days. I loved "blue steel". :)