24 May 2011

whirly dirly winds for Mother's Day

Alabama was hit with some tornados and Bryce - being the thoughtful giver he is - volunteered us to go help alongside 300 others in the clean up efforts.  Happy Mother's Day!  It's ok, I'm not a mother yet and if if I was I'd probably want to go to get away from the kids...haha.

We didn't take any pictures while we were there unfortunately, but it was pretty wild to be driving along and then there's a section where the trees are snipped and bent and then on the other side it looks like nothing happened.

Here are some aerial shots taken by a pro.

 Most of the work was moving trees and limbs, and cleaning up remains of homes.

Now, I know what you really want is pictures of our hotel room.  Our option was to camp in the church's yard or a hotel.  Obvious choice. :)  Thank you Oxford for having decent hotels to choose from.  We chose a Hilton Garden Inn.

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Matt said...

Sharp looking hotel. Pretty scary pictures though. That was nice of you guys to volunteer there.