24 May 2011

Here's to you Becky Thompson

Heard a woman laugh and thought it was a nice one.

Made me think of you and your laugh.

I chuckled out loud.

Your laugh makes everyone laugh even if it's not funny.

I'm chuckling again...at nothing.  Thanks Aunt Becky!

(Not that you'll ever read this.)


Sarah said...

But i just read it and it made me laugh too. There's nothing like Aunt Becky's laugh

McKays said...

I was about to write pretty much the same thing Sarah did. I remember as a child I called Aunt Becky the "laughing stock of the family." I got in trouble and learned that the phrase doesn't mean that she laughs a lot. Love that laugh.

Bryce and Cecily said...

That's awesome, Annie. Little kid stories are the best.