30 May 2011

Un-American Memorial Day

You have to grill on Memorial Day Weekend.  Isn't that law?

We thought it was.  So for dinner we had Italian sausage thawed and ready to go for the grilling but as Bryce announced, "Uh, we're not going to be grilling today."  We weren't going to be grilling today.  My first thought was we were out of propane or spiders or something gross and/or creepy was in there.

This is what Bryce showed me.

How did they get in there?

This is why you get a cover.


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

So sad...you should have come over. We bought a new grill yesterday because like you thought grilling was essential and our old one was struggling!

Matt said...

It rained all day here. Nearly snowed in the valleys. We didn't even try to grill. : (