23 July 2013

Playing Catch-up: Video edition

It seems like Dash learns to do something new every day, so I will highlight some of his new things and here are a few videos.

He has learned to talk into a cardboard tube and laugh about it.  (see said cardboard tube in video of climbing stairs and chasing cat)
He will let you balance things on his head.
He still likes to have something in each hand at all times, if possible.
He can climb all the way up the stairs - has been able to climb stairs but never went all the way up.  Cats are great motivators for him to move.  Jamaba enjoys teasing him.  

He still like kicking balls and does pretty good job of controlling it, turning the ball around and yesterday he turned it into a came of street hockey, knocking the ball around with the cardboard tube.  It was rather entertaining watching him try to get it up over the bump in the gateway while the door would close on him in the process.  He did eventually give up and he went through the gate leaving the ball on the other side. 

He is getting lots better at walking over things and through is toys on the ground without falling.  Tried walking up a hill for the first time this week, he was not victorious and had to stop and turn around so he didn't fall backwards.  It was a pretty sudden incline.  His face was pretty priceless.  "What was that?!"

He holds his hand out and up when he wants to go somewhere or wants something off the shelf.  
He can work through a couple of his baby apps I have on the phone.  He points and touches everything with his thumbs still, instead of using his index finger.

He's been working on feeding himself with a spoon.  He had 50% success rate yesterday with cheerios, scooping and holding the spoon flat to put it in his mouth.  It was pretty cute and I was pretty proud of him.  This video is an early attempt.  He's such a cheater.

He's making Bryce's dreams come true with his interest in his Star Wars talking, stuffed characters and by wanting to play with his spaceship mobile.  He thinks the Jawa is funny and also likes Darth Vader and Chewbacca.   He gets excited and gives them kisses (or bites their face - however you want to look at it).  

He's mastered light switches, wants to hold the banister when being carried up and down the stairs, peeks through the blinds, digs through is books and brings you the one he wants read to him.  He actually brought me a diaper the other day so I changed him and he didn't fight it at all. 

He loves being chased and chasing you.

He is starting to understand some of the signs we use (I started about a month ago) and I'm pretty sure he did the sign for milk the other day, but hasn't done it since.

He's a mamma's boy, but definitely likes playing with his Dad.


I'm going to put my pride aside and post this one because you can see a couple of Dash's teeth.  He now has 4 on top and 3 on the bottom.  Just don't pay any attention to me, ok?

Dash went swinging for the first time a couple weeks ago.  Here's a video from that.  He liked going higher, but I didn't want any proof that we were so reckless as parents. :)  He seemed to get bored if we was swinging slow and low.  He is a little crazy and likes crazy things.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, my eggs were chirping when I was boiling them.  
Kind of unsettling when you first hear it.  Relieving when you figure out it's just air bubbles.