16 June 2013

9-month check up

Dash's stats at 9 months old.
29" long - 75th percentile height
19 lbs 7oz - 30th percentile in weight
head circumference was just short of 50% percentile   I can't remember the exact number.  I left his little wookie stuffed toy at the doctors so I have to call and hope they haven't thrown it away.  I think he will be fine without it if they have thrown it away, but he gets excited when he sees it and often gives it hugs and/or kisses when they meet.

He's babbling, like he's talking.  Uses different pitches and tones.  Can say Mama, ada (Dad) and kitty cat or kitty kitty.  Kind of repeats Achoo.  He fake laughs and fake coughs.  Very animated, active, happy kid.  He melts down when he's tired.  Currently takes 2 naps a day for a total of 3-4 hours.

Does a mixture of crawling and walking.  He's very inquisitive and furrows his brows when concentrating.  He can get his big ball unstuck on his own most of the time, he loves reading books, and his current favorite is Dot and Dash meet their friends.

He understands no, whether he listens or not. :)  He looks at you and stops what he's doing for a second before deciding to move on or continue what he was doing.  He has 2 bottom teeth, top two in the middle are almost all the way in and then has 4 more on top and another pair on the bottom working their ways in.  The last 2 weeks he's been teething and it's continuing this week.  He gives lots of hugs and kisses with a side of bite.  We're working on the "no bite" and he's doing lots better with giving soft kisses.  Every once in a while he's so excited he can't help himself. :)

He loves water, splashing, walking in it, dipping his fingers in it and "throwing" it.   Baths, pools, sinks, puddles it's all the same to him.  He does pretty well with his face getting wet and breathing it in sometimes.

He like to play version of peek a boo and "I'm going to get you."  Sometimes he's the one chasing or peek a booing.

He tried Guacamole this week and seemed to like it just fine.  He loves Cheerios and he does great at biting and chewing things.  He tries to share his cheerios with me sometimes which is cute.

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