05 November 2011

Bathroom: The revealing

It's been a long time coming. We bought our framed mirror today along with floating shelves, a TP holder, towel holder, waste basket, and baskets (to hold extra towels, soap, and TP) and hand towels.

We got home and Bryce went straight to work on hanging the TP and towel holders and mirror.  He placed the brackets for the shelves and was ready for the shelves by the time I was done painting them the color of the molding and walls.

Looked great - ready for pictures.  I went up stairs to switch a load of laundry and Bryce started putting away a few tools and trash when we hear an awful crash with a following of clinks and clangs and bangs.

Jamba thought the shelves looked nice too.  A nice place to sit...but it didn't hold her jumping on it.

So, we made sure nothing was broken and the walls didn't have holes in them.  Jamba was fine, but the shelf would not hang up again.  So, here goes another adventure with this bathroom.

We decided to pull the shelves off and rehang them with serious anchors.  Those suckers are study.  I might be able to sit on them on and I guess we don't have to worry about them falling on some one's head while using the bathroom.

The shelf that fell had a pretty good gouge in it so we filled that, sanded and repainted before it went back up.

Here's the (mostly) final bathroom.  I say mostly only because I want to get a cool terrarium or chia pet thing to put on the shelf for a touch of color.  Gotta have my color. :)  I wanted to put a fun colored towel in there but Target was not cooperating with their color choices...neon or neutral.  Really?  No buttery yellows and no soft greens or fun mauve/purples?  Nope.

neat texture on the mirror frame

sturdy shelves with the wainscotting (sp?)
and obviously the builders weren't concerned with centering the toilet.

see the crown molding? ;)

We decided this was a great place for Grandpa's rabbits. 
Maybe that's what Jamba wanted.  She was hunting...


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

I really like the grey paint design, looks awesome! Good work. So fun to complete a project :)

Jenifer said...

Looks awesome! A hit of color in there will be great. Dang Target. They should co-operate better. :)

Matt said...

That's way fancy!!