22 October 2011

Never ending (bathroom) story

It was supopsed to come closer to an end today, but FedEx has mucked up our plans by not arriving in their 6 hour window they gave us.  How do you miss delivering within a 6 hour window?

I digress...  We painted the downstairs half bath after patching holes but we haven't hung the shelves or the mirror.  Since these pictures were taken we've added wainscotting, crown molding, patched holes and repainted small sections where paint pulled off with the tape, painted our countertop and replaced the light fixture, faucet, and vanity hardware.

The wood for the floating shelves and stain to match the cherry vanity are what we wanted to get at Home Depot, but Bryce has something coming for his car that he has to sign for and since FedEx didn't come between 10 and 4 we're still sitting here waiting instead of heading to Home Depot to get closer to finishing the never ending bathroom project.

Here's how we did the paint job.

 Bryce's snack in between taping and painting.

You can see how we stopped the pattern and then painted the bottom section prepping for detail molding.

with the tape off:

We painted the entire bathroom the base color in eggshell, but once we started taping and realized that covering every wall in this pattern from ceiling to floor could end up being a bit much.  We decided we would make more work for ourselves and do wainscotting to match our entryway and put up crown molding to match as well.  Good idea because it looks really good, but bad idea because of the work and one late night running short on patience making dents/holes in our wall with the molding and getting upset and walking out on the project.  I won't tell which one of us did that. :)

I do really like it and I'm excited to finish it so I can share the final product with you too.  The molding and everything looks so good in there.  We're like pros. 

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Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

wo! that is amazing!