22 October 2011

I messed up RIP so I used CHILD instead

I saw some DIY foam tombstones and wanted to make some for our Trunk or Treat since the YW are running it up and we're trying to decorate around each game since big rooms with high ceilings are hard to decorate.  One of the games is Ring around the Graveyard (ring toss) so we were going to put some tombstones by it. 

I found two small pieces of gray foam at work and brought them home to carve.  I have no skills in this I've found, but they're fine for what we're using them for...however, on the first one I was going to put RIP and I centered the I in the middle, then wrote the first line of the P to figure the spacing and then moved to the R and drew a line...at the wrong side of the R...so it was too close to form the rest of the R.  But I did a good job of drawing three lines the same distance apart...go Cec. 

I had to think of something that was spelled with the same amount of letters on each side of an I. I thought maybe I could do a last name so the first one I thought of that met the criteria was CHILD...please don't judge.

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