09 July 2010


I found this through Cup of Jo, a blog I like to visit occassionally. 

Apparently, Emersonmade started out with all the flowers and flower-things and that's what she's known for.

She just started a few clothing items so if you visit the website that's the hooha until you scroll down a bit.  But click through the categories on the right and take a good 10-20 minutes to just dream about what you could do and what you could wear with all the fun flowers!

Here are a few of my favorites:

so casual - so fun!

Big Poppy! Love this.

Jacket from the new clothing line - totally want.

I really like the feel and colors of this. 
I think I could pull it off.

also love.

Super freaking cute idea here!
If I could go back - I would totally redo my bridesmaids for my wedding...I'm sorry guys. :)  You passed the true friend test...

And I leave you with this... Now, go to the website!

1 comment:

Jenifer said...

Super cute flowers! I love all ways to use them. Makes me want flowers everywhere. :)