27 July 2010

Bitter Sweet

It's time for me to throw away my go-to work shoe.  I've had these for the last 3 years and have worn them several days a week - for a while when I first got them it was just about 4 days a week.  The metal 'finish' is scraped off most of the buckle and the right shoe lost part of the hardware and there are scuffs galore on these things.

The best place to see - and hear - the wear is on the heel. 
They've been worn down to the metal stud (which makes them loud on concrete warehouse floors
and Wal-Mart's tiled floors.  The metal even has scratches and signs of wear on it. 
The last bit of rubber is what's hanging off in this picture and the back of the heel is scratched up.

When the last bit of sole broke on the heel I decided it was finally time to replace them.  "No big deal," you're thinking.  Wrong.  HUGE deal!  I am rather picky on my shoes and I usually don't go into a shoe store saying this is what kind of shoe I will find today and this is the kind I buy.  I search the clearance sections of stores where you never know what you'll find.  I've been keeping an eye open for some black work shoes for the last 6 months and haven't found anything that stuck my fancy.  The requirements were:

- low heel
- but still a heel
- must be black
- not plain black
- must have something snazzy or interesting to it.
- must fit and be comfortable
- must grab my attention
- must not look too old lady. :)
- I have to love them immediately and not talk myself into them.

Guess what!  I went to DSW for their boots (which they didn't have online in my size) and discovered that they don't have them in my closest store either...so I went to the clearance section and perused.  The first successful find was a new pair of black, low-heeled, work shoes.   This pair had enough punk/interest for me with the studs.  Thank you, Nine West.

In the back of my mind I knew what this meant.  I was going to have to throw one of my staple pair of shoes away.  So to sweeten the deal and take my mind off the pain I found these: 

leopard wedges by Steven by Steve Madden. 
I love them and I was now more than OK with tossing my used and abused shoes.

Tell me what you think!?


Jenifer said...

It truely is bitter sweet, but I would say mostly Suuweeet!!! What great finds! Way to go! Gotsta love the DSW!!

Alyssa said...

Very good finds! I think the shopping technique runs in the family as I can only find what I need when I'm looking for something else entirely. Gotta love it when you find it right there waiting for you!