19 May 2013

A Two-For

Dash's 6 month recap and highlight of our Puerto Rico trip.

Dash's Stats:
16 lb 5.5oz
27 1/4" long (grew 1.5 inches in 2 months)
This puts him in the 75 percentile for height and closer to the 50th percentile on weight (up from 25)

Basically he outgrows his clothes in length before he does in gurth.  He can fit a 3 month shirt still, but it shows his belly when he raises his arms. :)

He's VERY active.  Looking at everything, grabbing, touching, eating everything.  Doesn't like laying down so much anymore.  Would much rather be sitting/standing/jumping.  Working on the coordination to crawl forward.

Tries to imitate sounds.  Says Hi, but doesn't really know what he's actually saying. Same with mama.  He will try to bark or howl with the dogs and meow at our cats.

He's a happy kid and makes us laugh regularly.  The doctor at his checkup commented that Dash has no shortage of personality.  He still likes to cuddle which is nice.

Dash had his first beach experience in Puerto Rico.
We went for fun for Bryce's birthday and for a family vacation.  Dash doesn't have a passport yet so we had to go somewhere warm and US owned.  Flights looked best o Puerto Rico so the choice was made for us.

We went to the Camuy Caves - one of the largest cave systems in the world, and drove on mountain roads through the rainforest to Ponce on the south side of the island.  Bad decision, but Ponce would've been cool if he had more time that night and if we weren't so exhausted from having just landed and the caves the same day.  El Yunque Rainforest, and Luquillo Beach filled our second day.  Beautiful Beach - one of my favorites so far.  We ate some local mufongo and took our time enjoying the island of Puerto Rico.

 Camuy Caves
 Dash took a nap for part of it
 view from a look out tower in the El Yunque national park
 Mina falls that we hiked to.  We forgot the carrier at the hotel this day so we held him for the walk down and back up.  We met some very out of breath people coming back up who said we were in for it trying to hike it with a baby.  We made it just fine and in record time as well...Maybe the other people were just really out of shape.  You can swim in the pool at the bottom of this fall.

 We found some pretty artwork along the way
 Took a water break on the way back up
 part of the weird path we were on...

cool leaves were really big and white on the back.

At Luquillo Beach:  Nice clean facilities.  You pay $1 and get a wristband so you can use them as much as you want while you're there.  Showers, lockers, clean toilets and sinks, and some big drums of clorox water.  If anyone knows what these are for, please tell me.

Within 5 minutes of being there Dash had sand in his mouth, on his face, all over his clothes.  He liked going in the water and took a nice nap with mom while dad saw if he could swim out to the buoy. 

 They do have Wal-mart here so I was able to grab some cheap sunglasses - I forgot mine while packing.

Updated for him today being 8.5 months old:

He's a pro at crawling but prefers 'walking.'  He can take 2 steps before falling down.  I don't think that counts as walking but still noteworthy at this point.  He enjoys kicking things, running to it and kicking it again, or kicking it as he walks with it.  He has impressive dribbling skills - maybe he'll be a soccer player.

He's just about out of the 6 month clothes (because of length) but still good in 6-9 month clothes and is comfy in 9-12mon shirts.  The pants are still too big around so we're in 6-9 there and constantly pulling them up.  Definitely not ready for bigger pants.

He's about 18 1/2 lbs.
Made another trip to Nevada for my grandpa's funeral.  He's a trooper and that's a blessing on long cross-county flights with 4 hour layover.
He LOVES splashing in water.  Even a glass of water that he's drinking out of - he wants to put his hand in and splash what he can.  Waterbottles?  He sticks his fingers in there. :)

I've re-posted this picture twice and it's still importing it distorted like.  If you click it will look better.

Must have a toy in each hand.  Give him 3 toys and he is constantly putting one down and picking up another so one doesn't feel  left out.

He found the cat tunnel.

He's not so sure about blenders.

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Laura said...

So cute, and you are so lucky Dash is a good traveler! It was great to see you guys (Twice!) Oh, and baby powder takes all the sand off little bodies better than anything, I never head to the beach without it, so there's your tip for the day.