04 April 2013


Dash decided to cut part of a tooth on his 7-month birthday.  I guess he figured he needed to celebrate somehow since he knows his mom is a slacker and would'nt have any festivities planned.  I think this explains why he woke a couple times the previous nights.  Last night he was back to sleeping his 9-10 hours and I thank him for that.

Here's the best picture I could get.*  We'll try again. :)

I feel like there should be a witty caption on this picture, but I don't know what it would say....Feel free to make your own.

*explanation of bad picture: Dash doesn't hold still to begin with.  When you pull down his lip he sticks his tongue out.  When you do get it open long enough and the tongue out of the way, the iPhone takes too long to snap the picture.  Oh and this wiggly kid has hand and little fingers register just as well, if not better, on touch screens.  It was zooming when I was trying to take the picture, or when I thought I got it, turns out the camera was reversed and I got a quality shot up my nose.  

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