25 December 2012

4th month

Recap of Dash's fourth month of life.

practicing smiles

Got dressed up for a Christmas party.

made a new friend
we don't use the Bumbo a whole lot, so he always kind of looks surprised when he's in it.

He has some hair growing in...still not sure what color it is.
His eyelashes are getting long.
He sits up very well, with pretty good head control.
He's reaching and grabbing and trying to put everything in his mouth when his fingers aren't in there.
He grabs things, using his index and middle finger to hold them (instead of a thumb and index finger like everyone else)
Interacts with himself in the mirror.
Did his first deep laugh.
Enjoys baths, books, mirrors, slobbering, and eating.
Sometimes he likes tummy time, when he asks to be rolled over.
He can roll from his back onto his side and balance there.  Hasn't made it the whole way over yet.
Has learned that screaming and loud high-pitched noise is fun, both when happy and sad.  

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edith said...

You have a very cute son Cecily. Congratulations!