21 January 2012

A little trip

It was my birthday this last Wednesday so we took a weekend trip to Key West to get 2012 started with some sun and fun and celebrate my birthday.  It's the furthest south you can get in the USA.  Just a few (whole bunch of) pictures.  I think we took over 160 pictures.

 Bahia Honda State Park between Big Pine and Marathon.  Mile Marker 37.  The broken bridge is the old railroad built down through the keys in early 1900s.   The piece on the left is actually new and built to match the old part.  It's open to the public so you can walk up there and see out over the island and the ocean.  The bridge is falling apart and there are danger signs warning boaters who go under it.

 The Keys Credit Union where Bryce can work when we move there.
 The local restaurant we ate at...
...and saw a Key Deer outside of.  There's a reserve for them a few miles down the road.  The Key Deer is an endangered species.

 Our hotel room.

Looking out our back door and off our back porch.

 Look to the right.
 Look to the left.

 Luckily our hotel was next door to a Walgreens so we picked up some snacks.  The best deal on Diet Dr. Pepper and some tropical Mike & Ikes for our tropical day.
 Our saweet street cruiser.

Found this while walking around.  I wanted to be Ariel when I was little, but maybe not this version of her.

 The pier where we watched the sun set while sharing a shrimp quesadilla.

 Just after sunrise the next morning.

 nice line up of mopeds when we left for the airport.  A lot of people rented beach comber bikes or mopeds if they were staying on Key West.  It's only 3 or 4 miles long and a couple miles across.
Back to the seriously small airport.

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