04 September 2011

DIY on clothes?

I haven't ventured into this world much, but I have a pair of pants I need to transform. Looking through this blog I am a bit inspired and it almost makes me want to go to goodwill or salvation army. Get past the china move and look at her older posts titled, "Granny chic." Some are impressive.  Or click the DIY button on the right side.  http://cottonandcurls.blogspot.com/ I feel like you have to have a gift to see something cute when faced with some of these befores.

I do have 2 pair of pants I'm going to transform for fall now that I have a better picture of how to do it.

1 comment:

Jenifer said...

Some supper clever ideas. Makes me want to go through my pile of things I don't love and see what I can do with them. You need to fly in for a weekend of thrifting and repurposing clothes! :)