03 December 2008

It's officially Christmas Season

It's the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations and music are fair game. We got our tree up and stockings out. Little by little I'm adding bow to everything :) I have a couple projects for next Christmas. I'll get the stuff on sale when Christmas is over and you'll get to see how they turn out later. I know you're looking forward to it...ah, ah. I know. Jamba's got her wild eye on you - watch out. Darn flash. We've found out that she likes to bite fake Christmas trees and knock low-placed ornaments off. Anybody want a cat? That's a joke Bryce. One thing I like about Georiga is the serious supply of evergree/pine needles. I just cut some low sprigs off the small trees and stick them in my decorations. I added the bows on everything, pillows, card holder, towels, chandelier, as a tree topper, on a lamp... Also, adding more evergreen sprigs. Yes, the 'Christmas' card on the left says Welcome. It's from Delta, and we like it there. This is my project for next season. drum roll for a year.... It probably will not go in front of the fire place (can we say fire hazard. I like my house thank you.) I was imagining it up behind the couch where the camel and other things are. I'm still keeping my eyes open for a Nativity set I like, I hope to add one to the decor soon!

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