20 August 2012

Nursery Project: DIY mobile

Every baby room needs a mobile right?  Probably not, but I wanted one in Dash's room.  I had this picture saved for a while and thought this was a good excuse to try it out...

It was messy but kinda fun at the same time.  Here's the end result.

The nursery was done and pretty simple I thought over all with some fun color.  Bryce was fine letting me do what I wanted in the room until I hung this mobile. :)  He let it hang for a day or then told me he didn't 'get it.'  It's too artsy and not really anything specific.  He's very realistic.  So, I asked him if he could pick a mobile, what kind of mobile would it be.  His immediate response was Star Wars.

He took it upon himself to design and build a mobile that Dash would like.  Bryce did his research on Amazon.com and by visiting Toys 'r' us.  Of course the ships needed a realistic back backdrop so the Death Star wall decal was a must. :)  If he wasn't so excited about it all, I probably would've resisted a bit more, but I can appreciate Star Wars and he's just so cute when he get excited...

He took care with the placement so that he had the right ships and the right numbers and in the right placement for a real fight.

Here's the room as it is currently.  I want to add some sheet metal magnetic boards, but that'll be some other time...

Star Wars may be a little more stimulating from below...or scary.

I'll eventually  hang the clock and stuff sitting on top of the dresser, but ti's fine for now.  

Ok, Dash, we're ready for you.  Come on out, buddy.

I almost went with a black and white based decorating scheme in the room, probablyy would've lent itself to the star wars stuff a little easier.  But I think it'll work and as Dash get's older and decides what he likes it'll be fairly easy to transition any aspect of the room which was a huge overall goal.

Another, more coherent take on a Star Wars Nursery.


Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Although I am NOT a Star Wars fan, I do think it's cute that Bryce is so excited about it and it honestly looks really good with everything else you have going on in there. Such a cute nursery and he will definitely be able to grow into it. Good work!

Jenifer said...

You have a great room room for dash! It's fun to think back through the planning and all the projects and now to see the room all done and ready. Well done guys!! Come on Dash! You know with his name you've jinxed yourselves. He's going to be late. :)